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The milk emperor has no clothes!

"Readers of Aaron’s blog know of his beef with the milk industrial complex. Why does milk, of all beverages, get a pass in our efforts to reduce everyone’s caloric intake? Why is it encouraged, when all others are shunned? Is it because you need the calcium? Is it because it makes your bones stronger? Watch, and learn why the milk emperor has no clothes." -Aaron Carroll on The Incidental Economist "I'm all for breast feeding. It's what all the other mammals do and I believe that evidence shows that breastfeeding is good for infants. I also understand that we likely breastfeed for a shorter duration than nature intended and in those cases, giving kids milk-based formula and cow's milk are fine. But after age 2 or so or whenever the brain no longer needs the extra fat for development, there really is no good reason for us to keep drinking this stuff." -Aaron Carroll on Healthcare Triage link:
William Fan, Founder of Project Credo
asked 12/7/2016, updated 12/8/2016